Lawn Care And Mowing
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If you wish to have a lush green turf then lawn care and mowing is something that you can’t ignore. Mowing techniques, if followed rightly, can give surprising results. Moreover, you can learn it on your own as it doesn’t require a lot of strength or skill. So you don’t have to rely on anyone else to get your lawn mowed.

Lawn Mowing Equipments

You must know about some basic lawn care and mowing equipments before you actually get down to mowing.

1. Select a mower that is appropriate for your lawn. While a rotary mower is suitable for taller, soft grasses like bluegrass, fescue and rye grass, a reel mower should be used on low-cut grasses such as Bermuda, St. Augustine and Bent grass.

2. You will need a handheld edger for the grasses on the side of the pavement. If you are working on a large lawn then a power-driven version can be used.

3. For places that are not easily reachable like around the trees and bed edges, grass shears should be used.

4. A string trimmer is used for shaping and edging long lawns. It is also useful if the grass has grown too tall and you wish to bring it to mowing level.

Method For Lawn Care And Mowing

1. Set the height of the mower blades to the height of your grass. While 2½ - 3" height is recommended throughout the year, the last cut of the season should be made at 1½". This will help reduce chance of snow mold and matting.

2. Cutting wet grass leaves it vulnerable to fungal diseases. Therefore, mowing should always be done when the grass is dry. For best results mow your lawn early in the morning when the dew has dried and once every week.

3. Proceed in a back and forth pattern while mowing your lawn not around and around in a spiral. Consider mowing as a workout and move at a brisk walking pace. If you go slowly, grass will catch and clog the mower’s blades.

4. Use the half-pass trick to mow the lawn. That is, at every pass, overlap the area you've already mowed by half the width of your lawnmower. With this trick you will cut anything that you missed the first time and you won’t have to go back to trim any rough or shaggy patches.