Home Garden Lighting
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Before you start lighting your garden you should first decide your gardening needs and what you are trying to achieve from home garden lighting. You may want the lighting to highlight a tree in the middle of your garden or some spindly plant to be silhouetted in the background or some plant or landscape feature to be lit up from above, below, behind or in the front.

Here are some ideas for home garden lighting that you can choose from:

  • You can light up a water feature like waterfall or pond by choosing from a variety of electrical lights available in the market. These are easy to install and run on 12 volts.
  • You can Up Light a plant, tree or an architectural feature by placing a light at its base. This looks really artistic.
  • You can achieve Shadow Lighting by placing a light at angles in front of a plant or a feature. This will cast a shadow upon a wall and give it a dramatic effect.
  • Placing a light behind a plant or landscape feature will silhouette the item as you look at it. This is called Silhouetted Lighting.
  • You will also need certain amount of Illuminated Lighting in your garden so people can find paths and navigate steps and stairs.

Once you have decided on the purpose of using lights in your garden, you can choose from a variety of low voltage home garden lighting available in the market. These lights are controlled by an automatic timer and the electricity required for running them is supplied by the power pack.

If you are looking for home garden lighting options that can save the electricity bill then Solar Lighting can be used. It works well in illuminating pathways in gardens.

Another artistic yet cost-efficient way to light up your garden is through candle lights. These can be used for romantic candle light dinners in the garden or even to brighten up your favorite patch in the garden. To ensure safety you can use glass candle holders, Mexican tin candle holders and attractive Chinese lanterns to hold them. Place a votive candle in a lantern and hang it up with a shepherd’s hook on a tree or some place else to enjoy a late-night snack in spring or fall.

Give your imagination wings to achieve dramatic lighting effects in your garden!