How To Handmade Wreath Of Garden Items?
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Garden items are a great source for making handmade wreathes at home. They can sit on your front door or be used as a housewarming gifts. You can make them in no time at all.

Materials You Will Need

  • Fresh thin green branches or twigs at least 8-10 inches long
  • Small flowers
  • Fresh leaves
  • Wire coat hangers
  • Transparent tape
  • Floral wire
  • Glue gun
  • Decorating items like ribbons, sequins etc.

Instructions For Making Handmade Wreath

Step 1: To make the base of the wreath bend the wire of the coat hanger in such a way that it makes a circle. Let the hook remain as it is, it will come handy when you want to hang the wreath.

Step 2: Take the fresh green branches or twigs and set them around the base. You can opt for pine, fir or redwood twigs\branches as they are quite flexible. Make small and even clusters of these twigs around the wire base with the help of floral wires. Use transparent tape if they stick out too much.

Step 3: Choose some small lilies and wild flowers and place them at an equal distance around the base that you have created. Fasten them with the floral wire. Use the glue gun to stick some fresh leaves in attractive colors and shapes in between these flowers.

Step 4: Give your handmade wreath finishing touches by adding some bows, sequins and glitters to it. Make sure that your decorations don’t look haphazard.

If you grow some nut varieties in your garden like chestnut, walnut or filbert, you can use these to decorate the wreath as well. Just coat the nuts with varnish before sticking them on your wreath. They’ll add a woody flavor to the handmade wreath.