Colorful Flowers For Garden
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The word garden conjures up an image of brightly colored flowers swaying with the breeze, with green foliage peeping in between them in our minds. There are innumerable of varieties of flowers, some are popular for their visual appearance while others for the heady scent that they emit. While designing a garden we obviously want some of these beauties to brighten it up. The following varieties of flowers for garden can be grown easily in any garden.

The Foxtail Lily

These flowers appear in early summer months, are soft to touch and come in an array of colors like yellow, white, bronze or pinkish orange. They present a startling image of starry flowers and their tall spires can reach up to a height of 4 to 6 feet.

The Lily Of The Nile

Their stalks are straight, their leaves bloom low and they come in some fantastic colors. The Storm Cloud comes in rich cobalt, the Donau in a profusion of sky blue color and the Snowy Owl in startling contrast to others is white in color.


Parrot Tulip, Estella Rijnveld, Rococo and Violet Bird are some of the popular varieties of tulips. These flowers for garden will add a touch of elegance to your outdoors.

Angle’s Trumpet

It is a subtropical variety that hails from Chile. It emits a heady perfume and comes in a selection of colors like peach, pink, white, red, yellow and purple.


It is one of the favorite flowers for garden especially for cottage gardens. Its hybrids can reach a height of 8 feet while the other varieties top out at approximately 2 feet. It comes in some enchanting colors like cobalt, blue, indigo, pink and white. This flower loves to soak up sunshine but abhors wind.

The German or Tall Bearded Iris

This flower is a sure shot attention grabber. These extravagant blooms grow to a width of 4 to 6 inches and come in a variety of colors. Its Fierce Fire variety known for its bright yellow petals with an orange beard will be an exciting addition to your garden.

Add some of these varieties along with some unusual seasonal or rare flowers and your garden will become the talk of the town.