Designing Your Garden
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Designing your garden can certainly be daunting if it is something that you have never done before. However, you can ease the process and even enjoy this expedition by following some tips.

Tips For Designing Your Garden


Survey the location of your garden and draw the plan to scale on a large piece of paper. Mark the existing features that you definitely want to keep in your garden like a shady tree etc. Also mark natural features of the plot on this map like the areas that have the best soil etc. These markings come in extremely handy when you prepare a detailed garden plan.


Draw side elevations on the above map. This will reveal your existing heights and in turn will help you determine where any steps will go.


Find out which way your plot faces. This will disclose the shady and sunny spots of your garden. And will help you position your seating areas like patios and will also determine your choice of plants.


Always remember that it is better to spend the right amount of money and get the job done well rather than spread your budget too thin and achieve poor standards. Therefore, keep your budget in mind while designing your garden.


Things like garden lighting, water feature etc need a little forethought. You will need to map out where your wiring will run, as cables need to be buried two feet deep. Similarly, a water body requires planning for its drainage. Therefore, plan any garden accents that you want well in advance.

No garden design is ever complete. You need to keep making changes with your changing tastes and preferences. These are just some basic garden designing tips, that may sound too simplistic, but if kept in mind will go a long way in creating a garden of your dreams.