Craft Of Making Stepping Stones
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The craft of stepping stones is a great activity to personalize your garden or walkway. You can have an inexpensive but a beautiful piece of art in your yard in no time at all.

Materials You Will Need

  • Premixed concrete like mortar mix or Quikrete
  • Water
  • 2 buckets
  • Plastic gloves and eye-gear
  • A garden trowel
  • Stepping stones mold or cardboard
  • Plastic
  • Ceramic tiles, shells etc for embellishment


The first step in the craft of stepping stones is to decide the shape you want them to take. Accordingly, buy a mold from the market or make one at home using cardboard and glue. You can also use clear, plastic planters or any other household item like cake pans. Just grease them liberally with cooking spray or petroleum jelly. Once the mold is prepared follow the following steps:

  • Set the mold on your work surface and wear the plastic gloves and eye-gear for protection.
  • Mix the premixed concrete in a bucket with some water. Read the instructions on your concrete bag to know the exact proportion. Use a garden trowel to mix them well.
  • Fill the mold half with the mixture and then place a cut piece of screening or hardware cloth on it. Finish scooping the concrete into the mold until full.
  • Tap gently around the mold to release any air bubbles and to even out the top. Let the mixture set for up to 60 minutes and then embellish its top with shells, ceramic tiles or the foot\hand prints of your children.
  • Let the stepping stone set for 2-3 days. Then pop it out of the mold. You can give finishing touches by painting it.
  • When you place it in the garden, make sure it is not raised more than 1\2 an inch above ground, or people can trip over it.

The craft of stepping stones is excellent way to keep your children active during their summer vacations.