Frequent Urination in Pregnancy

It has been seen that frequency of urination gets increased in pregnancy. Frequent urination is one of various commonest side effects of pregnancy. Even it is also regarded as an early sign of pregnancy. Frequent urination is experienced by a woman when her pregnancy reaches six to eight weeks. This happens as the blood volume in the body of mother increases dramatically.

As a result, kidneys have to do lot of work. Urinary bladder gets fulfilled very frequently due to that and for emptying the same, a woman has to urinate. One aspect that needs to be understood is that as the pregnancy progresses, the size of uterus grown continuously and becomes enlarged. As a result, it puts pressure on the urinary bladder. Thus, even if the urinary bladder of a woman is not completely filled, pregnant woman feels an urge to urinate. Due to this reason also, frequent urination occurs in pregnancy. In some cases, during the second trimester, some women feel less urgency for urination.

There are some steps that must be taken by a pregnant woman so that no undesirable things happen due to frequent urination. For example, she must drink plenty of fluids so that her body is kept hydrated. In no case, fluid intake should be reduced, as many women feel that by drinking less fluid, they can reduce the frequency of urination. At the best, a woman can avoid diuretic fluids which include tea, coffee, soda etc. Similarly, a pregnant woman can consume most of fluids during the day so that her sleep is not disturbed very much due to urination at night. While urinating, it is advisable that a pregnant woman must lean forward. This ensures that bladder is emptied completely. This also reduces the frequency of urination to a certain extent. If urinary bladder is not emptied fully, frequency of urination can increase.

Many women become serious regarding frequent urination in pregnancy. Though this can signal few underlying problems in some cases, it must not be regarded as very harmful. If any sort of burning pain is felt while urinating, it may hint at urinary tract infection. Similarly, when urge for urination is felt very frequently but no substantial amount of urine is passed, it may hint at some urinary tract infection.

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