Foods That Prevent Ovarian Cancer

A healthy diet and lifestyle will help you to remain disease free all throughout your life. Ovarian cancer is one of the commonest cancers that kill many women every year. Women must be smart enough to include fruits and vegetables in their diet to prevent health complication during old age like ovarian cancer.

Discussed below are some of the foods that can be included in your diet for preventing ovarian cancer. Most fresh fruits and vegetables have antioxidant properties that make them anti cancerous and prevent free radical damage caused to the body that can lead to cancerous conditions.

Foods To Prevent Ovarian Cancer


Flavonoids are present in certain foods and are known to reduce or prevent the chances of cancer. Also known as phytochemicals, there are a number of food items that are rich in flavonoids. Foods like garlic, soy beans, cereals etc. contain phenolic compounds that can prevent occurrence of ovarian cancer.

Another flavonoid like isoflavones which are found in legume, flax seeds and soy beans too can help prevent ovarian cancer. Including these foods in your daily diet will offer you full protection from the disease in the long run.


Yellow and orange vegetables like carrots contain carotenoids, which is a micronutrient that can help reduce the risk of ovarian cancer. Taking a cup of carotenoid rich vegetables once a week will help in reducing the risk of ovarian cancer.


The lycopene in tomatoes are good for preventing cancer. They have properties that can block cancer in the body. Fresh tomatoes can be consumed every day to keep yourself free from cancer attacks. Tomato sauce as well as ketchup too are packed with the goodness of lycopene and hence can be consumed frequently.


Celery contains a plant flavonoid known as apigenin. This compound helps in removing free radicals that cause cancer in the body, by damaging the cells. Other foods that contain apigenin are parsley and red wine.

With red wine, one needs to be careful as to limit its intake to 3-4 glasses a week, as excess alcohol will again increase your chances of ovarian cancer. Parsley can be taken fresh as fresh parsley contains more antioxidant properties than dry parsley.


Green tea is a rich source of polyphenols which are antioxidants that can reduce the risk of ovarian cancer. Taking at least a glass of green tea every day will significantly reduce your risk of falling for cancer. It can however be taken 3-4 times a day which will again increase your resistance towards cancerous cells.

Green tea is also good for treating women who are already down with ovarian cancer. Taking a glass of green tea is known to improve their chances of survival than the other women who do not take green tea while under treatment.

Allium Vegetables

Allium vegetables like garlic, onion, chives, shallots etc. have great properties that help in destroying cancerous cells in the body. Taking them while you are under treatment will increase the chances of survival. They can also be included in your diet on a daily basis to prevent cancer.

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