Back Exercises during Pregnancy
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At least 50% of all women experience back pain at some point in their pregnancy. Women may complain of back pain for several reasons like change in body posture, weight gain and poor body mechanism during pregnancy, weak back muscles, muscle fatigue etc. It is to overcome these troubles that pregnancy back exercises come into play.

Most of the exercises given below are gentle and safe to be practiced throughout the pregnancy. However, it is advisable that you consult your doctor before taking them up.

Pregnancy Back Exercises

Warm up your body by walking around in your house for 5 minutes before practicing these exercises.

#1 Cat Back Stretch: This exercise is done bent down on all fours. Keep your spine straight so that your neck and tailbone are in the same line. Then, slowly arch your back starting with your tailbone and stretching up through your shoulders. Hold for a few seconds, and then come back to original position.

#2 Forward Bend: Sit on a chair and bend forward slowly with your arms hanging in front of you. Hold this position for a few seconds, and then come back up without arching your back.

#3 Trunk Twist: Sit on the floor cross legged. Hold your left toe with your left hand and rest your right hand on the side for support. Now try to look over your right shoulder by twisting your trunk to the right side. Repeat this movement on the left side by changing hands.

#4 Back Press: Stand with your shoulders resting on a wall, feet at a foot’s distance from the wall. Now press your lower back against the wall. Hold the position and then come back to the starting point.

#5 Arm Raises: Bend down on all fours with your back straight. Now straighten your right arm in front of you up to shoulder height. Lower it and repeat the motion with the left arm.

#6 Overhead Pulldown: Stand erect with your knees relaxed and your arms extended overhead. Fold your hands into a light fist and bring your arms down, elbows bent to the sides, till the hands are at shoulder height behind your head. Hold the position and then go back to starting point.

Stop doing these pregnancy back exercises at the first sign of fatigue. Never overdo them, as then they will cause more harm than good.