First Peak at the Samsung Galaxy Win’s Specification

The rumors about a new Samsung Galaxy model’s launch have finally got an official word. Putting a full stop on the guessing games Samsung has announced the name of its latest model as ‘Galaxy Win’. The company has also released the details of its specification which reflect that it is going to be a mid range smartphone.

After seeing recent Galaxy titles like Young and Fame we believe Samsung is making it a habit to give funky names to its less exciting phones. From the title ‘Galaxy Win’ you might think of it as a flagship model of Samsung but after looking at Win’s specs it would be hard to say so. A closer look at the specification of this newbie will give you a better idea of this latest Galaxy Smartphone.

Features Of Samsung Galaxy Win

Feel and Design

Samsung Galaxy Win price

Galaxy Win is a mid range smartphone that looks like a cheaper brother of Galaxy S4. It has a shiny plastic body that feels firm and durable like other average priced Galaxy models. It is equipped with basic smartphone features like Bluetooth 3.0, WiFi and micro SD slot.


The whopping 4.7inch screen is the biggest advantage of this mid range smartphone. Glaxy Win has an average LCD screen that gives you poor resolution of 400X800 pixels which is nothing to brag about. It would definitely play videos and movies but don’t expect high picture quality from this mid budget phone.


A powerful 1.2 GHz quad core processor is going to take care of smooth functioning of the Galaxy Win. The device comes with 1 GB RAM and extra storage space of 8 GB.

Samsung Galaxy Win features

But in case you need more space to store your files and media Galaxy Win’s SD slot supports up to 32GB of storage.


Once considered a pricey operating system of Android, Jelly Bean is now finding its place in a lot of mid range phones including Galaxy Win. Although, the latest Jelly Bean 4.2 would have been better we have no complaints from Jelly Bean 4.1 which has successfully supported many high- mid range smartphones. Like other Samsung models Galaxy Win too has a support of touch wizard that makes Galaxy Models more functional and intuitive than other phones. The smartphone is also loaded with other software like Samsung’s Motion UX, Easy Mode and Smart Alert.

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While its competitor from HTC and LG are providing 8 megapixels cameras in their mid range phones Samsung has decided to stick with a 5 megapixels camera for Galaxy Win.

Samsung Galaxy Win camera

We are afraid Galaxy Win’s basic camera is going to give you a printable quality pictures but you should be able to use them for digital use. Apart from limited megapixel capacity the camera phone also sport a basic VGA video call lens for video chat.

Early Verdict

Despite its average design and features Galaxy Win is going to attract the first time buyers who want the look of Samsung Galaxy S series without paying a fortune for it. Although, Galaxy Win is going to face a fierce competition from the makers of HTC, Sony and LG who already have better performing mid range smartphone in the market.

This new Samsung might have a fancy name but we are afraid just a winning name won’t be enough to compete in the overcrowded smartphone market. Samsung has not yet announced the launch date and price of the phone in any region of the world but they might release a demo model real soon.

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