White Christmas
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White Christmas refers to the snowy weather on the Christmas day. If there is snowfall on the Christmas day, it said as white Christmas. This is of more importance for the countries in northern hemisphere. This phenomenon is prevalent in some countries than others. White Christmas is declared officially when a place is covered up to one inch by snow. People living in high altitude areas in northern hemisphere witness this situation more. It is enjoyed very much as it adds to the beauty of place and also the fun. People enjoy the chilly weather and playing in the snow on the occasion of Christmas.

White Christmas is very much enjoyed by the people especially kids. Kids play in snow, hit snowballs on each other. Kids and adults make snowmen with equal enthusiasm. Christmas trees look more beautiful with snow settled on them. Snow makes the occasion of Christmas memorable and more beautiful.

White Christmas carries different meanings in different countries. Like in United Kingdom, there is hardly any snow on the occasion of Christmas. In 18 th and 19 th centuries, it was common in United Kingdom to have snow on the occasion of Christmas. Now at present if there is single snowflake observed on 25 th December, it is declared as the white Christmas. In the same way, other countries too declare white Christmas according to the specified quantity of snow on observed on the Christmas Day. It is observed that, further the West a country in Europe, there are lesser chances of white Christmas. Like in Southern France, white Christmas is a rarity.

Christmas of 2004 was observed as the last wide spread white Christmas as many regions declared as the white Christmas. In the year 2004, it was declared first ever white Christmas in Houston, Texas when a snowstorm on the Christmas Eve brought snowfall to New Orleans.