National Festivals
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National Festivals

India is the land of fairs and festivals. India is the home to people belonging to various religions and castes. Each of these has its own set of religious festivals. Other festivals which are of national importance are known as National festivals. These festivals are not associated with religion or group. These festivals are celebrated officially by Indian government.

National festivals are celebrated to commemorate the great leaders and great historic events of national importance. Whenever these festivals come, they create an atmosphere of patriotism in the minds of denizens of India . Indian people are emotionally attached to their country as they call India as their Mother; they call it “Bharat Mata”. These festivals are the time to get together and remember the sacrifices done by those who took part in fight for freedom for India .

There are four national festivals observed in India ; Republic Day, Independence Day, Gandhi Jayanti and Children’s Day. These festivals are celebrated by the government as a participant. All the important government offices like Parliament House, President’s House and other important government buildings are decorated. Events like march-past, flag hoisting are performed on Republic Day and Independence Day. These events are observed in state capitals, corporations, panchayats, and municipalities and even in schools and colleges.

Teacher’s Day is also a national festival but is observed to pay regard to the national leader. Republic Day is observed as the national holiday with all the government offices, schools and colleges closed in whole of the nation. It is observed on 26 th January every year. Republic Day is celebrated in the most magnificent way with parade organized in New Delhi where thousands of people gather to see the entertaining cultural tableaux, defense shows and many other events.

Independence Day is celebrated on 15 th August to celebrate independence of India . Prime Minister of India addresses the whole nation from Red Fort. Common people celebrate it by flying kites.

Gandhi Jayanti and Childrens’ Day are observed to celebrate the birthdays of great national leaders; Mahatama Gandhi and Jawahar Lal Nehru. These days are not celebrated as other tow. Children’s Day is celebrated more in the schools.