Mother’s Day
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Motherhood is the most divine of the feelings which the mankind has ever got. But until as early as 100 years back there was no recognisition to this fact. It was the time a lady named Anna Jarvis thought of honoring her mom. In 1908 she organized a sermon in memory of her mother in a church in West Virginia, USA. She distributed her mother’s favorite flower, white carnations to the whole gathering. Later she convinced the politics to declare the second Sunday of May every year as “Mother’s Day”. It was in 1914 the then American president Woodrow Wilson signed a law recognizing second Sunday of May as Mother’s Day and a national holiday. A resolution was also passed, requiring government officials to wear white carnations on Mother’s Day.

After a few years, Anna Jarvis herself started criticizing the Mother’s Day due to its commercialization. People started giving greeting cards and flowers. It was a day to celebrate - have party and fun and give regards to the Mothers. In her last days Anna regretted the idea of starting the Mother’s Day as the original idea was lost.

However, with the changing times children are not bothered about the origin. They are more concerned about paying tribute to their mothers, express gratitude to the most beloved creature on this earth.

Children all over the world celebrate the Mother’s Day, irrespective of age, sex, and status. It is the time of commemoration and celebration for Mom. Give all sorts of relief to your Mom-breakfast in bed, cleaning up the house, decorating the whole house, writing sweet messages for Mom; writing ‘I Love U’ all over to make her SMILE at each next step, she puts on the floor. On the Mother’s Day, arrange for a small gathering of the near and dear ones and celebrate the day giving happiness to your Mother by preparing her favorite recipes, playing games, giving gifts, etc.

Arrange for a family holiday to a beach or your Mother’s favorite place to celebrate the day with her. A small brunch with her will also give her utmost happiness. Whatever be the media, give your Mother all that she has yearned for.