Mother Son Relationship
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Mother and son share very unique relationship and special bond. Right from the birth, mother is the woman figure, which a son has been in constant touch. When he is baby, a son first sees his mother’s face; first voice he hears is of his mother. This is the same relationship a mother shares with her daughter. But as the son grows, he becomes a different male personality which a mother has to understand. A mother has to understand the male emotions when a boy starts developing at the growing age. Sometimes, a mother needs the help of her husband or other male member of the family to tackle the issues of a son’s emotional and physical growth.

It is generally said that Like Father, Like Son but a mother son relationship determines much about the son’s own personality and thinking about himself but also about the women in general. Quality of a man can be determined by looking at his relationship with his mother. Mother son relationship becomes strong with patience, consistency and emotional closeness. Pressures from Societal message may create distances in the mother son relationship.

A mother’s maternal affection towards her son can not be duplicated and her affection makes her son a strong, responsible and balanced personality in his coming life. A mother should understand her son’s requirement for emotional space. She must understand that manner of communication with a son differs from that with a daughter.

A son find a confidante in his mother as mothers have more emotional and tender heart than fathers in general. Never hurt your son by making his feeling public in front of him otherwise you will loose his trust. Also never become overly protective and overly dominating over your son. Doing so, he will become distant from you and shy away from coming to you.

A mother son relationship affects the future and development of the son. And also the mother’s relationship with other men like husband or uncles or grandfather also develops the son’s perception about being men. Communication is the key between mother-son relationships. A mother’s affection should not be taken for grated by son, he should give due respect to her mother.