Memorial Poems for Mother
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When somebody looses his/her mother then it is an unfortunate moment in life. That is the moment which one can never forget. You can’t find words to express that sorrow and pain you felt. But some memorial poems for mother are there to express your feelings. Given below are two poems which can understand those feelings to some extent.

In Passing

Sometimes Mom in passing
would pat you on the back
and sometimes in passing
she’d show you the right track.

Sometimes Mom in passing
would say, "You sure look nice!"
And sometimes in passing
she could, make you, think twice.

Sometimes Mom in passing
would lightly touch your hair
and sometimes in passing
she’d show you what was fair.

Sometimes Mom in passing
would ask, "What do you mean?"
And sometimes in passing
she would get in between.

Sometimes Mom in passing
would give you, "that look"
And sometimes in passing
would give you what it took.

But this time, Mom is passing
from this world to the best
and this time in passing
she’ll pass the final test.

And when Mom has passed
and the pain is so unkind
Just look and you'll find her
there in your heart and mind.
--- Anonymous

Dear Mom,

Mother's day will soon be here,
The first since you passed away.
Oh, Mom, I do miss you!
You've been on my mind all day today.
Just yesterday, I was out shopping,
Found myself looking at Mother's Day cards.
Then, bam, it all came back to me.
Mom, it's been so hard.
Many memories of you and me
Have been coming back, flooding my mind;
Every laugh, hug, and tear.
You truly were one of a kind.
I remember you sitting at your organ,
Playing and singing you favorite songs.
I miss hearing that beautiful voice
that I could sit and listen to all day long.
Are you singing in heaven, Mom?
Is there an organ for you to play?
How I wish your music could ride the wind
so once more I could hear you sing, 'I'll Fly Away.'
Mom, I'll be sending you a message this Mother's Day.
It will arrive on an angel's wing.
All my love flying straight to you,
Many smiles I hope it brings.
I want you to know I haven't forgotten you.
Alive in my heart you'll always stay.
Know that my message is wrapped in much love,
And contains many hugs for you on this Mother's Day.

By Goodnesslady