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 Festival of Lohri is all about fun, frolic and enjoyment. This festival is celebrated in North India , especially in states of Punjab , Haryana and some parts of Himachal Pradesh. This is a harvest festival which is associated with harvesting winter (rabi) crop. Like all other Sikh festivals, it is also a community festival. This festival is celebrated with great fervor by Hindu and Sikh alike.

When is Lohri Celebrated?

 Lohri is celebrated on 13 th January most of the times or sometimes on 12 th January every year. Next day, after it, is Makar Sankranti. This is the month of Paush or Magh. It marks the beginning of winters.

Significance of Lohri:

Lohri is very auspicious day as Sun enters into the northern hemisphere (Makar Rashi). This festival worships fire. According to Lunar calendar, this is the last day of nine month, Maargazhi. In Punjab , this festival is of great importance. This festival celebrates fertility and jest of life.

Lohri Celebrations:

People eagerly wait for Lohri celebrations. A bonfire is arranged at night and all the people gather around it. This auspicious fire gives respite from chilling winter cold. Family members pray Fire God for prosperity, health and good crops. They seek god’s blessings by singing folk songs and folk dance around bonfire. People from neighborhood are also invited take part in these fun moments. People distribute sweets, jaggery, chikki, roasted groundnut, puffed corns, sesame chikki as Prasad.

For newly married Punjabi couples and a newly born son in the family, Lohri holds special importance. Lohri is the occasion to invite all the friends and relatives and introduce the new member of the family to them. On Lohri, new member seek blessings of God.

A grand dinner is also prepared on this day which is mainly comprised of Sarson ka and Makke di Roti. People wear bright and colorful clothes.