Jamshed Navroz
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Jamshed Navroz

 First day of first month of Zoroastrian year is known as Jamshed-E-navroz. Jamshed-e-Navroz is the first day of the year according to Fasli Calendar of Zoroastrians which commences with Vernal Equinox. It is in Iran that Fasli Calendar is followed. They note the changes of the season and actual time and inform the Zoroastrians of the whole world including India . It is the time to greet each other, do charity and dine together. Parsis celebrate this occasion with great fervor. This festival comes sometimes in February or March.

Origin and Legend of Jamshed-e-Navroz:

King of Persia, Cyrus and Darius, celebrated this festival to enjoy spring. It was written in the Shah Nameh, by Firdausi. Its celebrations date back to more than 3000 years. Literally Nav means new and roz mean day. On vernal equinox- length of day and night are equal.

It is said that, King Jamshed rose to skies to serve mortals, in a chariot built by demons. Feast of Jamshed-e-Navroze commemorates it. It was a custom earlier that King was weighed in silver and gold and it was donated to the needy ones. It also marks the transition of winters to summers. Its customs celebrate fertility.

Celebration of Navroz:

Navroz is a day of great celebrations for Parsis all over the world. All the Parsis wear new clothes, gold or silver kustis and caps. Friends and relatives are invited for feast and they are welcomed with sprinkling of rice and rose water. Doorways are decorated with auspicious symbols like birds, butterflies, fish and stars.

The food prepared for this day is the main attraction. Falooda, prepared with milk, is the traditional drink for Navroz. It is sprinkled with rose water. There should be seven foods on the table which start with ‘sh’ or‘s’. Traditional lunch is comprised of sweet yoghurt and pulao.

It is tradition to decorate table with a copy of the Gathas, an afrigan, a lit lamp, a shallow earthen plate with sprouted wheat, a bowl containing a live fish for the prosperity. Flowers symbolize color, silver coin if for wealth, rosewater in bottle for happiness and sweetness and painted eggs for prosperity.