Holiday Nosegays
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Holiday Nosegays

Holiday nosegays are beautiful items which can add personalized touch to the Christmas holiday decorations. These are collection of decorative natural and artificial items. Color and style can be added to your Christmas tree by using these holiday nosegays.

These holiday nosegays are easy to make and can be made with large variety of things which can be easily obtained. You can use materials like silk flowers, glass beads, mirror pieces, glittery twigs, leaf twigs, raffia, silver leaves, bird nests, wheat, pine cones or silver or gold strings. Holiday nosegays are made and arranged according to the theme. They can be based on formal and rustic theme.

You can make a simple nosegay by following method.

First prepare a strong base using twigs and leaves. Then add decorations like silk flowers or dried flowers, other ornaments like berries. Secure them using wire or glue. You can make it more neat and beautiful by adding things like knot of raffia or attractive bow or decorative cord. Depending on the size of your Christmas tree, you should prepare many nosegays.

If you want to prepare rustic themed nosegays, you should use materials like acorns, pinecones, wheat, holly, oak, raffia and balsam leaves. Otherwise for a more sophisticated theme, you can use silver leaves, glittery twigs, and metallic baubles. You can add a designer feel to any Christmas party decorations if you use nosegays. Materials used in preparing a nosegay can be natural or artificial.

For large trees, make as many as one or two dozens nosegays. If you want to give snowy effect on Christmas trees and wreath, adorn with magical white flowers. Red flowers add warmth to the decorations.

For more natural look, use fresh flowers but silk flowers last longer. You can bunch them up by securing with wire.

Bird nest like nosegays look very cute and are easy to make with the help of twigs and leaves.