Hemis Gompa
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Hemis Gompa

 Hemis Gompa is one of the most important festivals of Buddhist community in India . It is celebrated with lot of fervour and enthusiasm.

Significance of Hemis Gompa:

Hemis Gompa celebrates the birth of Guru Padmasambhava to the earth. He is also called as Guru Rimpoche. He is regarded as the reincarnation of Lord Buddha. According to the legend, it is believed that Sakya Muni Buddha himself forecasted birth of Guru Rimpoche. He was born on 10 th day of fifth month of the Monkey year. He worked for the spiritual wellbeing of the people and spread Buddhism in Tibet and other parts of the world.

Venue of Hemis Gompa:

 Hemis Monastry in Ladakh is the venue for this grand festival. Hemis monastry is situated 40 km away from Leh in its southeast. This monastery is also known as the Chang Chub Sam Ling or “the lone place of the compassionate person” and was constructed in 1630.

Celebration of Hemis Gompa:

Hemis Gompa festival is a very important event for the entire Buddhist staying in different parts of the country. It is celebrated for two days. People come dressed in attractive colourful traditional costumes. This is the time for community interactions and celebrations. Non-Buddhist people are also invited in this festival.

There is rectangular open courtyard in the Monastery which is very wide and has two, three-foot high raised platforms. There is sacred pole in the centre of courtyard. It is the place where main events of festivals take place. There is Tibetan table on the dais. Table is decorated with cups filled with holy water, tormas made up of dough, raw rice, butter and incense sticks. Lamas are made to sit at a place reserved for them. Traditional music played there is an attractive feature of the festival.

Portrait of “Dadmokarpo” or “Rygyalsras Rimpoche” is placed on the top of Gompa for the devotees to see. This activity is done amidst the sounds of drum beating, spiritual wails of pipes and clashing cymbals.