Good Friday
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Good Friday

Good Friday is very holy day for the Christians world over. On this day, Jesus Christ was crucified. This is the day of mourning for Christians. Some people think it is a day of celebration because of its name. In actual, this day was called God’s Friday.

Significance of Good Friday :

Good Friday symbolizes victory of good over evil. This day commemorates the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. On this day sufferings, pain and the death of Jesus Christ are remembered. Good Friday is observed from very ancient times, probably since 2 nd century. Good represents the good gift of salvation brought forth by martyrdom.

When is Good Friday Celebrated?

Good Friday is observed on the Friday before Easter Sunday. This Friday comes in the Holy Week. Holy week falls in March or April.

Origin of Good Friday:

Up to fourth century, each day of the week preceding Easter was thought as the holy day. In earlier times, Christians used observe every Friday as feast day. It is called Great Friday in the eastern orthodox Churches.

Celebration of Good Friday :

Good Friday is the day of fasting and penance. Good Friday was observed as the day of simple fasting since 100 C. E. not associated with Jesus Christ. After late fourth century, this day was associated with crucifixion.

The Station of Cross is used as the part of Good Friday service in some churches. Stories from life of Jesus Christ are told using paintings, pictures, banners or actual dramatization of the many scenes which represent the Jesus’ betrayal, arrest, trial and crucifixion. When the story is being told, devotees pray and sing hymns.

Catholics observe this day by reading scriptures and the congregation. Devotees are presented with crucifix and they get the opportunity to venerate it. Good Friday is observed as the day of mourning, sorrow and fasting. At the same time Good Friday is the solemn time and it has its own joy. Solemnity of Good Friday is always associated with hope of Easter Sunday.