General Festivals
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General Festivals

 India is a vast country in terms of population and area. People of many religions and faiths live in India . India is a land of festivals and celebrations. Religious festivals are the most important in India . Then there are national festivals and social festivals. General festivals are also celebrated in India and they do not belong to any faith or religion.

General festivals are rather new phenomenon to Indian society. Due to globalization, India is influenced by western culture and culture of other eastern countries. General festivals are not so popular in India like other festivals but gradually people are getting aware of them.

Festivals like Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day or Halloween are the general festivals. There are no rituals followed while celebrating these festivals. These festivals celebrate relationships like between a mother and child or father and child or between two friends or between two lovers. General festivals are the occasions of reaffirming that relationship or to show your feelings, love and affection towards that particular person.

General festivals are wonderful occasion to express your suppressed feelings of love and affection. You do not need any elaborate arrangement or customs or traditions to flaunt your feelings. You can do so either by words or by giving a card or by giving flowers or any other way.

Though general festivals can be celebrated by all and people of all ages but youth are especially attracted towards them as these festivals are rather young in India .

On the occasion of these festivals, markets, gift galleries and card galleries are filled with special gifts and cards with particular messages. These cards and gifts make your friends or relative happy, when presented to them. You can further beautify the celebration by doing some act which makes the person happy.

This is the only beauty of general festivals that they are not related to any particular country, caste, religion or ethnic group. Anyone who feels about friends and relatives can celebrate and enjoy general festivals.