Garland Decoration on Christmas Tree
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Garland Decoration on Christmas Tree

Garlands decoration gives unique look on the occasion of Christmas. Garlands can be decorated on doorways, balconies, staircase railings, mantle edges, altars and the Christmas trees. Christmas Trees get a very different pleasant looks with garland decoration. Garlands can be decorated in straight or diagonal arrangements or they can be placed on the natural curves of the tree. Nowadays garlands along natural positions are more popular.

Let us consider some ideas for garland decorations on the Christmas trees.

  Quantity of garland depends upon the size of the Christmas tree you are decorating and number of times it is to be placed around the tree. Take around 10 feet of garland per foot of the tree.

  • Garland should be placed very gently instead of placing it in straight or diagonal lines. For larger trees, garlands can be placed deeply and between the branches.
  • Garlands should be placed only after lights are installed on the tree. Other ornaments should be placed after the decoration of garlands.
  • For more interesting decorations, garlands of 2 or 3 types can be combined.
  • Most of the times, garlands stay where they are placed but on the weak, drooping braches they tend to slip off. You can secure the garlands with a piece of ribbon, wire or small piece of garland or small green twisting tie. You can hold drooping branches of the tree by wrapping some flexible garlands.
  • You can place garlands vertically also by attaching them to the top of the tree and let them hang down. To make them more interesting, add some curves and twists.
  • You can use ribbon for garland which is available in different widths, designs and patterns. Try to have ribbon with wires which help to secure ribbon on tree branches. In case there is no wire attached with ribbons, tie them with small wire pieces.