Funny Christmas Poems
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Funny Christmas Poems

Christmas is a cheerful occasion and all the people should spread joy and happiness all over. Christmas funny poems are excellent way to bring smile and joy on the faces of all the people around you. Send or recite some funny Christmas poems to your near and dear ones.

We have brought some cute Christmas funny poems for you. These poems are sure to bring some light and relaxed moments on the occasion of Christmas.

Christmas Dog

Tonight's my first night as a watchdog,
and here it is Christmas Eve.
The children are sleeping all cozy upstairs,
while I'm guardin' the stockin's and tree.

What's that now---footsteps on the rooftop?
Could it be a cat or a mouse?
Who's this down the chimney?
A thief with a beard---
And a big sack for robbin' the house?

I'm barkin', I'm growlin', I'm bitin' his butt.
He howls and jumps back in his sleigh.
I scare his strange horses, they leap in the air.
I've frightened the whole bunch away.

Now the house is all peaceful and quiet again.
The stockin's are safe as can be.
Won't the kiddies be glad when they wake up tomorrow
and see how I've guarded the tree.

(Written by Shel Silverstein)

All I Want for Christmas

Every body stops
and stares at me
These two teeth are
gone as you can see
I don't know just who
to blame for this catastrophe!
But my one wish on Christmas Eve
is as plain as it can be!

All I want for Christmas
are my two front teeth
my two front teeth,
see my two front teeth!

If I could only
have my two front teeth,
then I could wish you
Merry Christmas
It seems so long since I could say,
'Sister Susie sitting on a thistle'
How happy I'd be,
If I could only whistle

All I want for Christmas
are my two front teeth
my two front teeth,
see my two front teeth.
So I could wish you
Merry Christmas!