True Friendship
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True Friendship

Everybody has one or two friends. A lot get talked about the Friendship. But, what is a True friendship? How to recognize a true friend? How to keep a True Friendship alive? These are few questions that come to everybody’s mind.

A true Friend is someone who will be with you in all your good and bad times even if it hurts his/her interests. A True Friendship does not demand something in return and accepts you with all your shortcomings. Sometimes, it is not possible to be in touch with the Friend but it does not mean that it is the end of the Friendship. A True Friendship is a relationship which is always alive immaterial of the fact that you are talking to each other on everyday basis or not. It is just that mental connection that two people build and always feel secure. You know that your Friend is always there whenever you need him/her.

The main ingredients for this kind of Friendship are Trust, Faithfulness and loyalty. We all need someone with whom we can share our lives, thoughts, feelings, and frustrations and of course our deep secrets. In true friendship, there are no negative thoughts, no backbiting, and no turning away. It is a relationship which needs simple selfless and altruistic feelings. You can make many friends depending upon the demand of the situation but you will have only couples of True Friends.

True Friends encourage and support each other during the time of struggle. It also demands forgiveness. If one friend has done something which is against the friendship, the True Friend will definitely forgive him/her. Just remember, True Friendship is to keep alive forever but only if you keep it that way. Sometimes, misunderstanding do happen between two friends but if the Friendship is True and you really care about each-other, matters sort out by itself over the period.

Who can be your True Friend?

A Father-Son, Mother- Daughter, Husband -Wife or any two friends can have True Friendship. For that matter anybody can be your True Friend. It is just that you need to recognize and trust him/her.

A True Friendship Quote (A Nigerian Proverb)

Hold a true friend with both your hands.