Short Friendship Story
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The pure relationship of friendship has been the subject of many stories and tales for ages. Short friendship stories are of great interest as they tell many virtues of friendship in just few candid words. One gets lots of inspiration while reading short friendship stories. By the medium of Short friendship, one can inspire children to get understanding of true friendship. These stories are simple enough that even a child and understand its meaning. The main idea behind having a short friendship story is to share one’s feeling and thoughts about friendship with others and seek their opinion.

Check this short story about friendship.

The Butterfly

Once upon a time, a man found the cocoon of the butterfly. He kept it with himself for observation. Then he noticed an opening in the cocoon. He sat there and watched how butterfly struggled to come out of the opening. Then after some struggle, it seemed that butterfly stopped its efforts and sat there as it is.

Man by that time decided to help the butterfly and took a pair of scissors and cut the remaining bit of cocoon so that butterfly could come out easily. But what happened there after, he never imagined that.

After cutting the cocoon, he was expecting that butterfly would come out any moment with its enlarged wings and fly. He was watching the whole thing with great concentration. But nothing of that sort happened. In fact, what happened was horrible. Butterfly could never open its wings. It spent rest of its life crawling around with shriveled wings and swollen body.

The man was trying to be friends with butterfly but hurt it in his kindness. By struggling, its body out of the hole, butterfly was trying to release the fluid in the wings and the man by cutting its cocoon stopped that natural process.

Moral: The moral of the story is within a friendship, everybody needs space and freedom to grow on its own. Do not smother it by your affection towards your friend.