Handmade Friendship Card
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A handmade friendship cards can best reflect your inner feelings towards your friends. These kind of cards have more sentimental value that the readymade friendship cards. If you give handmade card to your friends, they can understand how much you care about them and how much time you spend thinking about them. Handmade friendship card is the symbol of you pure affection towards your friends and they can cherish this beautiful feeling in the form of a card forever. You can give a handmade card at any occasion or even without any occasion. Greeting cards are beautiful medium to keep in touch with your friends and express your feeling without saying a word.

Making handmade friendship card is not at all difficult; in fact it is very simple to make a handmade card. You can make a beautiful handmade card out just simple and ordinary things like pen, paper, colors, sequins, flowers etc. You can enhance its beauty by adding some more special things. And the most important of all other thing are your thoughts and feelings which you write down with your hand on the paper. This is the message which you give to your friend by this card carries more importance than the size and design of the card. You can make a handmade card on the last minute also. Truly, no cards purchased from the store can make that statement which a simple handmade card by can make.

Let us try to make a simple yet elegant handmade card for your friend.

Things Needed:

  • A4 colored Sheet or blank card
  • Pink Ribbon
  • 3 Pink mini buttons
  • Stamp quote or cartoon character or a picture from a magazine
  • Glue

How to make Card:

Fold the A4 Paper sheet in the form of a card. Now Stick the ½” ribbon at the bottom of the card, leaving 1/2 “space below it. Stick the button on the top corner on the left side in whatever way you like. Now stick the stamp or image on the right corner at the bottom. Write some nice message inside the card with a colored pen. And see, your card is ready to be given.