Funny friendship Story
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Fun and humor is the part of our life without which life will be dull and boring. Funny friendship stories are really humorous but still tell about the virtues of friendship. A funny friendship stories does two things at a time make you laugh and teach you about importance of friendship.

Check this funny friendship story.

While driving, a successful HR director died in an accident. His soul went to heaven and met St. Peter. He said he had no idea what to do with a HR director. He went to ask higher authorities and said director could spend one day at heaven and one day at hell, then he could decide himself where to stay forever.

Director then went first to Hell via elevator. There he met all his colleagues and friends with whom he worked earlier on earth when he was alive. They were all wearing good clothes, eating good food and playing golf in a lush green golf course. He stayed there for one day and enjoyed very much. He talked about their earlier times and relived old memories. He saw there Devil also; he was smiling, wearing good clothes and was a handsome man. He left Hell on a happy note.

Next day, he went to heaven. Heaven was beautiful with angels and splendid clouds wandering here and there. He stayed there for a day, lounged on clouds, played harp and had good time there. The day was over before he realized it.

Then St. Peter asked about his choice. He thought hell is good as he could have good time in company of his friends. Finally he went to hell but a shock was waiting for him. There was no golf course rather there was filthy wasteland where his friends were picking garbage in ragged clothes. Devil was horrible looking man. Then he asked about the change, devil said on that day we were recruiting and now he was the staff.