Friendship Story
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Every body has friendship stories. These friendship stories may out of personal experience or from other‘s experience or it may be a fiction. A friendship story must be inspirational. Friendship stories are told time and again from ages to tell the people, especially kids that how important is friendship and friends in our life. We should always take care of our friends and never hurt them. These stories preach only one lesson that friends are those people whom you can rely in your bad times and also if you say somebody your friends, always be true to him or her. Always be there for him in his bad times.

Friendship stories also tell that never breach your friends’ trust as it is the most important bond between you and your friends. Friends are supposed to share and keep secrets about each other. Friendship stories are very beautiful and simple medium to teach values and importance of friendship. Most of friendship stories tell that friends are the true gift from the God. The one is blessed with should consider himself lucky.

Funny Friendship Stories :

Fun and humor is the part of our life without which life will be dull and boring. Funny friendship stories are really humorous but still tell about the virtues of friendship. A funny friendship stories does two things at a time make you laugh and teach you about importance of friendship.

Inspirational Friendship Stories:

Every story has moral attached to it. Inspirational friendship stories are far more interesting than others. These stories inspire others to do what the friends did for each other in the story. These stories tell that true friends do not leave each other’s side in times troubles. True friends save their friends to walk on wrong path.

Short Friendship Stories:

Short friendship stories are of great interest as they tell many virtues of friendship in just few candid words. One gets lots of inspiration while reading short friendship stories.