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Easter is one of the most important religious and holy festivals celebrated among the Christians. This holy day is observed to mark the resurrection of Jesus after his crucifixion . It is believed that Jesus Christ rose from eth dead two days after crucifixion. Easter Sunday is referred as the third day including day of crucifixion. This festival is ob served uninterrupted since the times of The New Testaments.

The Easter Day is traditionally celebrated on the first Sunday following the first day of the full moon. This day marks the arrival of spring after long gloomy winters. This festival is celebrated with most gaiety and joyous merriment.

Date of Easter is not a fixed one as it keeps fluctuating. It can be any Sunday from March 22 to April 25. The Easter Day also traditionally heralds the advent of the spring season after the gloomy months of winter. As such Easter festival is associated with joyous merriment and cheerfulness. Many non-religious and cultural elements have got associated with Easter festival and besides Christians; non-Christians too celebrate it with equal fervor.

One month prior to Easter day, season of Lent is observed. These are the forty days of fasting or leaving certain foods and on Sundays, there is no fasting. Lent also means prayers and repentance. Lent ends on Easter Sunday. Jesus fasted for forty days in wilderness.

As the Easter approaches, people start preparing for it in advance. Easter eggs and Easter bunnies are the most important traditional Easter symbols. Easter Bunnies symbolize the fertility and the festive spring season is signified by the attractively painted eggs. Shops and stores get filled with other symbols and things of festivities like Easter lilies, hot cross buns, Easter candles, bells, jelly beans, candy eggs, eggs-coloring kits, decorated baskets for carrying all these things. In many countries, Easter is celebrated with dyeing of hard-boiled eggs, sweets, baked goods, chocolates and gathering of families over an elaborate dinner.