Christmas Wreaths
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Christmas Wreaths

A Christmas wreath is ornament used for decoration and worship also. A wreath is circle which comprised of flowers, leaves, fruits and other ornaments. These wreaths are used for decorating walls, hanging on doors and by placing at tables.

In ancient times, Romans used wreath as festive crowns for the winners at Olympics or military heroes or worn by young girls on their heads like an ornament. A wreath used to symbolize victory and pride. Later in during 15 th century, wreaths came in use as decoration pieces by hanging at doors and walls.

Christmas wreaths are, especially, important for Christians. According to Bible, wreaths are symbol of honor, victory and joy. Another significance of these wreaths is they represent God’s eternity as they are circle and represent, no beginning and end.

A Christmas wreath is mostly made up of twigs of evergreen tree, pine cones and sometimes made up of red ribbons. Green color symbolizes life and hope. These twigs and leaves of everlasting green color reminds of love and mercy showered on us by God.

In the season of advent, devout Christians use advent wreath which is made up of four or five candles, lit on evergreen twigs and leaves in circular shape, to welcome Christmas. It was in Northern Europe , people started this tradition of advent wreaths. These wreaths give comfort in dark and chilly winters of December. By traditions, there are four candles in advent wreath, one is rose colored and other three are violet colored.

There are large varieties of Christmas wreaths available from which you can choose from. Artificial wreaths look fresh for many seasons. Some of the popular Christmas wreaths are:

Christmas wreath with maple, Christmas wreath with red grapes, holiday wreath with wood roses, wreath with frosted fruits, wreath with cinnamon sticks and star cones, wreath with silver winter pears and many others.