Christmas Wedding Transportation
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Christmas Wedding Transportation

 Weddings are the time to be extravagant and show your wealth and prosperity. There are no limitations followed for wedding celebrations. When, it is the occasion of Christmas wedding, things become even more special and more elite. Wedding transport is very important. It is the first transport in which bride and bridegroom sit just after getting married.

You can choose for any kind of wedding transport to reach the marriage venue; a vintage car, a horse drawn carriage, car or tandem or even you can choose to walk if church and wedding hall is near your home. But before choosing any vehicle, first consider few factors like the distance, style, affordability and your liking. Choice of your wedding transport can give a style to your wedding.

Wedding transport should be according to the theme of the Christmas wedding party. In the regions where it snows heavily, a horse-drawn sleigh looks perfect. Bride and groom can sit together and go for a ride. Alternative to this sleigh is the horse driven carriage which can be beautifully decorated with all the Christmas ornaments and colors like red, green and gold to complete the Christmas look. Make sure that horses are also decorated by attaching lots of bells, harness and Santa red reins.

 A snow-white limousine can be decorated with holiday wreath which is made up of fresh greens, holly and ribbons. While coming to church for the rituals, groom can use this wedding transport. To create the Christmas wedding mood, make sure car stereo is playing Christmas carols and songs on the way.

The most inexpensive and practical wedding transport one can have is his own car. Decorate your car with lots of Christmas ornaments, flowers, ribbons, bells and bows. On your most important moment you would definitely want to ride your own car.

Somebody has truly said that

“Daisy, Daisy,

Give me your answer do!

I’m half crazy,

All for the love of you

It won’t be a stylish marriage,

I can’t afford a carriage.

But you will look sweet,

Upon the seat

Of a bicycle made for two. “