Christmas Wedding Invitations
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Christmas Wedding Invitations

 Christmas time is the season of festivities and celebrations are part of it. When there is Christmas wedding, it becomes more special and adds to celebrations. Everything related to Christmas wedding has to be special; decorations, food, favors and the invitation cards also.

At the time of Christmas, people receive large number of Christmas greeting cards. Choose your Christmas wedding invitation card very carefully. People may think it as yet another Christmas greeting card if it looks ordinary; they may open it after Christmas. Wedding invitation card should have something special so that it catches people’s attention to open and read it.

For drawing the receiver’s attention, get the customized printed envelops. It should be mentioned beautifully on envelop that it is a wedding invitation card. It should be beautifully bordered with holiday theme and should have your names on it. Instead of using a folded card, you can use thick card to differentiate it from a greeting card.

As your wedding is on the Christmas, your invitation card should be according to the occasion, reflecting the theme. You can get it decorated with snowflakes, poinsettias, holly trim, bells with red ribbon or picture of Christmas rose, tinkling church bells. Remember that envelop is more important than the card itself; it should be of bright color and well decorated with Christmas symbols. You can make it more attractive and personalized by attaching photograph of both of you.

Another important thing about Christmas wedding card is that it should be dispatched well ahead of time. Everyone is very busy at Christmas time. If you invite them in advance, they can make their holiday plans accordingly. They also need time for preparations which they will easily get if told of wedding earlier. You can attach a small card along with main card which carry dates of various events related to the wedding ceremony.