Christmas Wedding Food
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Christmas Wedding Food

 Food is the soul of any event, be it a festival, birthday party or wedding party.

While planning Christmas wedding, menu should also reflect the festive mood. Christmas wedding food means there should be traditional holiday season food. All the guests present on your wedding party will be in festive mood because of occasion of Christmas. You would not like to spoil their moods by presenting tasteless food. They are expecting something special related to the Christmas theme. Like all other decorations of the Christmas wedding, Christmas food should also be in tune with Christmas theme.

Menu of Christmas wedding Party includes some popular choices. Guests will definitely relish drinks like mulled wined, fruit punch, eggnog, hot spiced cider, and hot chocolate and mock tails.

If you are looking for some tasty and lip smacking appetizers, you can include Christmas cookies like bourbon balls, gingerbread men, snow globes, sprits and other sugarcoated cookies, finger chips and nachos. I bet all the guests would like these cookies.

You can prepare toppings for sweet breads by whipping cheese, cream, Banana, cranberries, almonds, and date nuts. These are very delicious appetizers. Main course of the dinner can include rich dishes like Roasted Chicken, Cheese Pasta, Cold Sandwiches, Smoked Salmon, Baked Beans and Stuffed Turkey.

At the time of dessert, main dish is the wedding cake. While it is time for Christmas wedding cake, it should be very special. Christmas wedding cake should be very finely decorated with edible Christmas ornaments. Wedding cake can be in the form of wonderland. To match with Christmas theme, use ice-cream cones as the pine trees and icing as the fresh snow. You can decorate it with tiny porcelain dancing couple in wedding attire. Other dessert items can be Caramel Custard, Cherry Pie, Ice Cream, Almond Fudge and Soufflé.