Christmas tree
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Christmas tree

Christmas tree is one of the most important symbols of Christmas. It is an illuminated evergreen tree which sparkles like a star in moonlit clear night. Christmas tree is decorated on the occasion of Christmas as evergreen tree inspires us for the life. It brings the hope of spring through gloomy and chilly winters. In earlier times, this tree was used in many Pagan festivals and later it became a special tradition with Christmas festival also.

History of Christmas tree

It is believed that the tradition of decorating Christmas tree was first started in England and France in old times. Prince Albert of English Royalty made the decoration of Christmas tree popular by decorating it with candies, gingerbread, and candles for the first time in a very big way.

Ancient Romans used to decorate trees in the harvest festival of Saturnalia. Then Germans were known to first incorporate Christmas Trees in their homes. Wooden pyramids were decorated as artificial trees where Christmas trees were not available. In America it was brought by German immigrants and later it became a household craze. In early times, it was decorated with popcorn, cookies, nuts and apples.

Present Usage of Christmas tree

On the occasion of Christmas, Christmas tree is the center of attraction in a family. In fact wherever Christmas celebrations take place, Christmas tree is the main attraction. According to Old testaments, Christmas Trees symbolized wisdom and life. Christmas trees are conical and symmetrical in shape and decorated with string of electric bulbs, candies, stars, gingerbread, artificial snowflakes, animals, glass balls, fruits and many things.

Kinds of Christmas Tree

Many kinds of trees are used for the Christmas tree. In America , trees like Fraser Fir and Red Fir are used widely for Christmas celebrations. Fraser Fir has branches are horizontal and crown is pyramidal in shape while Red Fir has narrow conic crown.

In Europe , Silver Fir and Nordmann fir are used. Silver Fir is a conic shaped slender tree while Nordmann fir is a large, evergreen Tree. It is a wide conic shaped tree.