Christmas Tree Storage
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Christmas Tree Storage

 Christmas season is over and it is time to remove decorations from your Christmas tree and pack it away. Fresh Christmas tree cannot be packed but it should be disposed off properly. At the same time, artificial Christmas tree should be stored properly. If stored properly, it can be used for years to come by. Along with tree, store the decorations also.

If not stored properly, your tree can get damaged. There are different options available for storage of different trees which make storing easier. You will find three kinds of storage option for Christmas tree in the market.

Storage bags – Canvas, plastic, polyester or nylon

Plastic Box

Storage containers

Let us discuss how to store artificial Christmas tree properly .

  • For storing your Christmas tree, you will have to find out the proper space; you can store it in attic, basement or garage.
  • Before buying a storage bag, first search in your home for an empty box. You can store all the decorations of Christmas tree in the empty gift boxes. You can mend edges and corners if they are torn.
  • Before storing any decorations in boxes, wrap them into tissue papers.
  • You can store your Christmas tree in the box in which it came. Carefully lay down the tree and detach it from its stand.
  • While storing Christmas tree, keep all the assembly instructions with it so that when you assemble it next year you can refer it.
  • If you are placing your Christmas tree in a bag, make sure that it is a heavy duty bag so that it does not tear away easily and also it is moisture free.
  • You can buy fully decorated tree storage bags. These bags are used to cover the tree in decorated position. When you want to take it out next year, just uncover the tree.