Christmas Tree Disposal
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Christmas Tree Disposal

 When Christmas time is over, party is finished and guests have gone back to their homes. It is the time to pack your Christmas tree. Traditionally, Twelfth Night is the day to take down your Christmas tree. I can understand it pains a lot to dispose of your Christmas tree which you decorated so attractively. You can remove all the decorations and ornaments and pack them but what to do with Christmas tree. Will you throw it away in a bin?

Whatever you do with your tree should be done, taking regard of the environment. Do not dispose off Christmas tree in a way that it creates a hazard to environment. It should be properly disposed off. In many cities, there are facilities of proper recycling of Christmas tree. If you do not have such facilities, we have some ideas to dispose off your Christmas tree.

Before disposing off the Christmas tree, remove all the lights and decorations. Especially remove small electric bulbs otherwise they may hurt you while cleaning.

  • Take out your Christmas tree out of its stand and lay it down on the ground. Chop off its branches and you can use them as the humus for your plants and garden.
  • A beautiful and useful bird shelter can be made with your Christmas tree. Let the tree be in its stand and keep it out of your house. Birds definitely find it a good place to take refuge.
  • You can spread chopped branches of the tree on the garden bed. It helps to reduce frost heaving.
  • You can make tomato stakes or trellises by its trunk.
  • You can also throw it in a pond where fishes can live and thrive on it.
  • Do not burn your tree in fire place as it is not a safe practice for environment.