Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas
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Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas

 Towards Christmas decorations, buying a perfect Christmas tree is the first step. To make it a center of attraction, Christmas tree should be decorated vey well. There are many Christmas ornaments which you can choose to decorate Christmas tree. These ornaments include candies, stars, toys, animals, fruits, nosegays and baubles. These ornaments can be hanged on the branches. Christmas trees can be given a truly magical and sparkling touch by adoring it with garlands, ribbons, light strings etc.

There few ideas which you can use to keep your tree fresh and decorated through the holiday season.

A freshly cut tree absorbs many quarts of water right from the start. Be sure to place your tree in a stand with large reservoir which can be filled regularly. To keep the real tree fresh, you have to keep filling water in the tree stand.

  • You can maintain freshness of your tree throughout the holiday season by a concoction. It can be prepared by mixing 1 quart water with ½ cup light corn syrup. Add to it 1 tsp liquid bleach.
  • When you start decorating, first place all the lights, followed by garlands and in the last, all the other decorations.
  • Another thing to be remembered while decorating. First place the light strings on the branches near the base of the tree. Then first weave the light strings on the inside of branches then on the outer edges.
  • Instead of hanging the entire ornaments o the tip of the tree, place them inside of the branches too. It adds depth to decorations and makes the tree bright.
  • While hanging ornaments, first place basic ornaments like the basic colored solid balls. Basic ornaments are used to enhance the decorating scheme.
  • Now take one-themed special ornaments and place them between the basic ornaments.