Christmas Stocking Stuffers
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Hanging of Christmas stockings near the fireplace on the Christmas Eve is a very old tradition. Children are especially fond of it as it is believed that Santa Claus come at night and stuffs their stockings with all kinds of gifts they wish for. Christmas stockings are filled with many small gifts and presents. These gifts in the Christmas stockings are called Christmas stuffers. With changing times kind of Christmas stocking stuffers have also changed. Earlier and even now candies, chocolates and simple toys use to be the Christmas stocking stuffers but now it has become more complex and choice has become diverse. There are more options available in present times than earlier.

Here are few ideas which you can use as Christmas stocking stuffers.

There are small clothing pieces like gloves, mittens, scarves, hosiery, socks, handkerchiefs, tie pins, slippers, coin purses, card holders, wallets and lot other things which you can stuff in the stockings and will always be appreciated.

All time favorite are the food items like chocolates, candies, cookies etc which people of all the age groups like to have. Adults appreciate dried fruits, nuts, brownies etc more. Other things can be fruit snacks, sausages, cheeses, hot cocoa packets, coffee and tea. You can be more innovative also to satisfy gourmets.

There are many things which are fun as well as useful to have as Christmas stacking stuffers. These things include pens, pencils, disposable cameras, lottery tickets, batteries, phone cards, goggles, artificial jewelry items, cosmetics like lip colors, nail colors.

You can stuff home accessory items like candles, picture frames, potpourri and other things.

Toys are the favorite Christmas gifts for the children of all ages. You can gifts them educative toys like science and math games, puzzles or any toys related to the receiver’s hobbies and interests. Other toys can be small cars, balls, slinky, yo-yo, magnifying glasses, jacks and many other such small but funny toys.