Christmas Poems for Kids
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Christmas Poems for Kids

Christmas time is best enjoyed by kids. Children learn about Christmas by reciting Christmas poems for kids. Christmas poems are the great treasure for the kids and probably they never forget these poems, learnt in their childhood. Christmas poems for kids contain very easy language, lucid style and very beautifully engross the child in the fantasy about Christmas besides telling about the essence of Christmas.

Let us share some famous Christmas Poems for Kids.

My Christmas Wish

When gladly ring the Christmas chimes,
Then come our reminiscent times
And even cold hearts - slow to beat -
Feel something of the love thought heat
That emanates from one and all
And to our far off loved ones call.
Then YOU must feel all through and through
The tingling of my thoughts of you.
These are my messengers so true
Who bear this message, "I love you,
And wish you on this Christmas day
A joyful heart that comes to stay,
Not only for a day or two,
But for your whole life's journey through."

To Santa Claus

Dear Santa Claus, I'll let you know
The few things that I need,
And if you'll bring them to me
I'll be much obliged indeed.

I want a horse and wagon,
And a boat that's painted red,
An elephant, a jumping-jack-
You need not bring a sled,

For I have one very pretty;
But I want a trotting-horse,
A man who wheels a wheel-barrow,
And candy, too, of course.

Now, Santa dear, you'll not forget.
I wish you'd write them down,
And leave them all at my house
When you journey through the town.

My Christmas Secrets

Hurry Christmas! How you creep,
I've some presents I can't keep,
Just this morning I forgot,
And told baby what I'd bought.

All he answered was, "Goo goo!"
So I don't think that he knew,
I told mamma hers was white,
And she'd wear it every night.

That she'd need it getting tea.
Then my mamma smiled at me,
And she whispered, "Isn't May
Letting secrets fly away?"