Christmas Party Games
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Christmas is all about fun and frolic. Sharing of love and brotherhood is what Christmas reminds us of. Christmas holidays are the most enchanting time in the entire year. On the day of Christmas, Christmas party is the most important attraction. This day is made fun and memorable by planning lots of Christmas party games. In the Christmas party, people sing carols, exchange gifts, gorge on the lip smacking party food and dance. But between all these energetic activities, there can be some dull and boring moments. These moments can be filled by planning some part games.

These party games should be such which are funny yet sober. Another point is these party games should be able to involve people of all ages present in the party. Party games should be simple and interesting. Christmas party games should be different from the other party games as they should carry Christmas symbols like Santa clause, Christmas tree, Christmas stockings and others.

You can plan party games like “Find the Santa”, “Stocking the Stockings”, “Spying Them All”, “Best Gifts”, “Share the Gifts”. You can plan some traditional games or you can search on the net for finding some new party games.

Stocking the Stockings

This is a very simple yet interesting party game.

Things you need:

Thick woolen stockings (One for each guest)

Small things like Christmas tree ornaments, pine cone, candies, holly, stars etc

Music player

Paper and pen for each guest


How to Play:

Fill all the stockings with those small things, at least ten in each stocking. Tie the open end of stocking with a ribbon. Now distribute all the stockings among the guests. Ask them to guess the names of the things and write on the paper. In the meanwhile keep the music playing and then stop it after some time. All the guests have to stop guessing and stop writing when the music stops.

Now call each guest on the stage and ask them to empty the stockings in front of all the guests. The person who has the largest number of right guesses will be the winner.