Christmas Light Decoration
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Christmas Light Decoration

Christmas is the festival of happiness and celebrations. No celebration is complete without decorations, colors and lights. Christmas is truly a festival of lights. Christmas light decorations are very important part of Christmas decorations. Array of cute small lights make the atmosphere heavenly and illuminated.

This light may be emanating from candles and electric bulbs. Light is very auspicious symbol of Christmas which signifies victory of spring over the darkness of winters. In other words, it symbolizes victory of good over evil.

Christmas lights signify the lights cast upon the whole humankind by the Lord Jesus Christ. This light brings a bright ray of hope to the heart of disillusioned and disheartened people.

Christmas is the time to brighten up all around you; houses, streets, trees, shrubs, eaves, windows and everything. This is done by lighting hundreds of Christmas lights.

In earlier times, candles were used to illuminate the surroundings. Later they were covered with glass for more sparkling effect. Then tree branches were adorned with metal lanterns with small wicks which looked like jewels on the branches. Later on, till present day, electric bulbs are used for Christmas light decorations. Bulbs emit light for longer and are safer to use. Strings of small bulbs make the tree and houses, more charming and beautiful.

You can get Christmas lights in many colors but the most popular colors for Christmas lights are red, green, white and copper. White lights really create the magical hue. You can experiment with different colors as combination of blue and green lights create the very sober look and blue and red light combination gives cheery festive mood.

There is large variety of designs available for Christmas lights. Decorating Christmas lights has become an art in itself. If you choose white lights, follow monochromatic scheme. For strings of lights, only low-watt light bulbs are the best.