Christmas History
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Christianity is very ancient religion. History of Christmas can be traced back to about 4000 years. Many traditions and customs of Christmas were in vogue even centuries before the birth of Christ. Birth date of Jesus Christ is not known exactly. Since 354 AD, it had been celebrated on 25 th December. Earlier 6 th January was regarded as the birth date of Jesus Christ. Christmas is the festival of love, peace and joy. It is symbolized by the Nativity, the Poinsettia, the evergreen, the Santa. All the things associated with Christmas fill your hearts and home with love and joy. This is the spirit of Christmas.

It was long before the birth of Jesus Christ, grand celebrations were held in Mesopotamia. Bonfires, sharing gifts, carnivals, parades and Yule Log were part of celebrations which were performed in honor of Chief God, Marduk. The season in which celebrations were held, is now called Christmas season. Then same kinds of festivals were held by ancient Greeks where God Kronos fought against tyrant God Zeus and his Titans.

Festival of Sacaea was celebrated by Persians and Babylonians which spread the message of universal love. Pagans of Romans and Persians used to consider 25 th December a sacred day. Early Europeans considered winter season as the season of evil spirits, ghosts, witches and trolls. They used to perform special rituals during this season to pray sun to come back.

Scandinavians used to send scouts to look for the sun on the mountaintop. When they came back with good news, Yuletide was celebrated with lots joy. Great feast was held around the bonfire made up of Yule logs.

In honor of pagan god Saturn, Romans celebrated Saturnalia from mid-December to 1st January. Grand feast, masquerades, exchange of Strenae or luck fruits took place.

In early days, Christmas was observed as religious holiday. Christmas celebrations are being held since 98 AD and Bishop of Rome, declared it as solemn feast about 40 years later. Then after about two centuries later, 25 th December was declared as the Christmas by the Bishop of Rome, Julius I.