Christmas Friend's Poem
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Christmas Friend's Poem

Christmas is the best occasion to strengthen the delicate bond among friends. Christmas Friends Poems offer sweet expressions for your emotions. These poems are universal as anybody can recite them to show his or her emotions through these lovely poems.

There is a very famous Christmas Friend Poem which beautifully expresses this wonderful relationship. This poem offers us words to express our thanks to our friends for being there with us in all situations.

At a time like this,
when there is joy and love in the air,
I remember all the times you were there for me,
all through the year,
in my ups and downs,
through my thicks and thins,
I wish you the very best this Christmas and an especially prosperous new year.

Another Christmas friend Poem is Christmas Isn’t Easy Far Apart, which tells about two friends, far from each other at the time of Christmas holidays. This makes them realize importance of presence of friends in their life. This is about person missing his friend at the time of Christmas.

Christmas isn't easy far apart.
Holidays are an incessant bell
ringing through the hollows of the heart,
Invading passages I know too well.
So does Christmas trespass on my sadness,
Taking precious room I save for you.
Missing you is a reclusive madness,
altering each harmony and hue,
shadowing each shade I vacant view.

Christmas Friends Poems are emotional and sentimental poems. Other friendship poem is

Snowman - My Friend
The Snowman is my friend!
I call him Mr. Frosty-Face!
He brings us so much fun,
With black coal eyes, and carrot nose,
With a smile for everyone!
If we play Ring-a-Roses,
Then all our friends join in!
But, when the game is "Statues",
He always knows he'll win!

When I talk, I know he'll listen
to every word I say.
I can shout, or knock his hat off,
And he'll never run away!
But, when the weather's warmer,

Then Frosty-Face must go
Until the next time that he comes
With winter's ice and snow.