Christmas Decorations
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Christmas Decorations

Christmas is a festival of love, fun, frolic and celebrations. Decorations are the very important tradition of Christmas. Whenever you feel happy, you try to beautify everything around you. This custom of decorating for Christmas was originated many millenniums ago.

It was believed in ancient times that spirits can be attracted to come back if bushes are decorated during winter times. Various customs of Christmas decorations have gradually evolved through many centuries. Many cultural practices of various ethnic groups and various countries have contributed to it.

Today, people décor at the time of Christmas by bringing evergreen at home and keep them at home by the time of Christmas. They decorate Christmas trees with lights, candles, stars, fruits, candies and many more things.

In the countries of Europe and United States, various gift wrappings are manufactured where paper is designed by printing Christmas motifs. Most of the Christmas decorations are designed like various Christmas symbols like Christmas trees, mistletoe, holly, poinsettias, wreaths, Santa Claus, angels, swags, carolers, the Nativity, nut crackers, Christmas Stockings, sled, toy soldiers, bows, drummer boys, drums, reindeers, candy canes, Christmas Tree Ornaments, gingerbread people, stars, candies, snowflakes, penguins, snowmen, gingerbread houses.

The main Christmas decoration is Christmas tree. Christmas tree can be adorned with lights and other Christmas ornaments. Evergreen foliage like mistletoe, holly and garlands, wreath, artificial Christmas trees and Christmas candles are used to decorate the interiors of houses. Exteriors of houses are illuminated with lights, snowmen and other decorations.

You can decorate your house on Christmas by carefully shopping for the decorations. Hang wreaths on every door; front door is the most important to be decorated to welcome guests. Use poinsettia, mistletoe and Christmas roses to decorate the houses. Do not leave any portion of house unadorned as this the time of reunion of family. Turn a corner of house into a nativity scene with toys, candles and other ornaments.