Christmas Colors
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Christmas Colors

 Christmas is occasion of great festivities, joy and celebrations. Christmas colors are very important for Christmas decorations. Red and green are the main colors of Christmas rather red and green are the symbolic colors of Christmas.

Red is the most important color of Christmas which symbolizes sacrifice of Jesus Christ for the mankind. Cheery mood and festivities are reflected by bright red color. Red berries on the Christmas wreath look very charming. In the winter season, red color adds warmth to the atmosphere and brightness to Christmas decorations. Houses are decorated with red rugs, red carpets and red ribbons. Soft red glow coming out of fireplace, add more comfort on this chilly December evening. Red is favorite color with Santa Claus; he wears cute red costume which makes him more adorable.

Another important color of Christmas is evergreen. This color signifies fertility and life. The everlasting life is shown by fir tree. Green color brightens the hope of arrival of spring. Green color in this season is reflected from pine trees, wreath and topiaries. Green color brings calmness and cheerfulness in our lives; it is the background of all the Christmas decoration, Green color brings nature to our houses. Besides evergreen, mistletoe, ivy and holly are the other greens at Christmas.

Other colors at Christmas which compliment red and green Christmas colors are white, light blue, silver and gold. White and light blue are the colors of snow which is all around in chilly winter season. Silver and golden are the divine colors at Christmas. These colors add royal touch to the Christmas festivities. Silver and golden colors remind us of divinity of angels and stars. .

You can well notice the arrival of Christmas season by presence of these colors all around. You can decorate your home with these colors and get idea from Christmas gift wrapping papers, store Christmas displays and from nature which is most important guide for colors.