Christian Festivals
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Christian Festivals

Large numbers of people follow Christianity as their religion. Like all other Indian festivals including Hindu festivals, Muslim festivals, Sikh festivals, Christian festivals are celebrated with equal kind of devotion and enthusiasm. In fact due to media celebrations, Christian festivals have become very much social kind of festivals with more and more people of other religions also celebrating them.

Christian holy days are based upon the events like birth, death, life, resurrection of Jesus Christ. For instance, Christmas is celebrated as the birthday of Jesus Christ while Easter celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Churches are visited by the Christians and they attend the mass.

Christmas :

Christmas is the primary Christian festival. It is celebrated as the birthday of Jesus Christ. The main message conveyed by this festival is of tolerance, brotherhood and love. This is not just for Christians but for the whole mankind and humanity. Christmas is celebrated as the universal festival in entire country. It is celebrated on the 25 th December every year according to the Roman calendar. India , people are tolerant of other religions and follow brotherhood, Christmas holds special significance for them. Christmas is also the time for the kids to enjoy. Houses and shops are decorated for the Christmas by colored papers, stars, bright lights. Christmas trees are decorated with all kinds of decorations.


Easter is the most important religious Christian religious festival.It is also known as the feast of resurrection, Resurrection Day or the Sunday of Resurrection. Festival of Easter is celebrated to commemorate the resurrection of Christ two days after his crucifixion. Easter celebrated on Sunday which may occur from late march to late April.

Good Friday

Good Friday is observed to commemorate the death of Jesus Christ on the cross. Jesus was crucified on Friday before Easter Day. It observed by fasting, prayer and penance.