Feng Shui Bathrooms
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Toilets are a necessity and these days considered a means of showing off your good taste and wealth. Lavishly decorated, and conveniently placed next to every bedroom, today’s bathrooms are very differently treated to the olden day’s bathrooms. These were mostly kept at a distance from the main house and as far away as possible from the kitchen.

Feng Shui believes that toilets if not placed correctly can bring severe bad luck to all the residents of the house. What the bad luck is depends on where the bathroom is placed in the home.

A bathroom located in the North corner of the home brings bad luck in your career. There would be very few opportunities and not many promotions or pay raises either. A toilet in the south brings a bad name and reputation to the occupants. It would be difficult to earn peoples respect easily.

An East placed bathroom could bring ill-health, while a toilet in the West brings bad luck to the children in the house. A bathroom in the centre of the house would sow discord among the family members. They would never get along with each other and always fight. None of the occupants would have any good luck either.

Educational pursuits would be sidelined and studies not given any importance if a bathroom was placed in the Northeast. A Southeast toilet would give the family bad financial luck and a lack of money would always be an issue. Northwest toilets negate mentor luck and leave the patriarch with out any support from his superiors. Southwest bathrooms bring bad luck in marriages and unmarried people would find it very difficult to get married.

Reading the above list it seems that bathrooms have no place in a house according to the Chinese. So how does one get a Feng Shui bathroom? Under ideal situations they felt that bathrooms should be detached from the house and situated at a distance to dissipate the bad luck they send out. In the present day this is not possible especially in flats so the best way they feel is to use appropriate remedies.

These remedies vary from the use of wind chimes to boulders depending on the location of the bathroom. With the correct use of remedies you can have a Feng shui bathroom.