Entertainment And Nightlife In Thailand

The kingdom with the most recorded reigns in the world, Thailand is one beautiful place to visit. Geographically, the land that is 51st largest in terms of area and the 21st most populous in the world has been inhabited since the Paleolithic period – over 40,000 years ago.

The capital city of Bangkok is the largest city in Thailand and Phuket is the largest island in Thailand. So, what makes Thailand popular with the tourists? Thailand has sits myriad of charms, from the land itself to the inspiring and rich blend of many cultures that mesmerizes to the aromatic, spicy cuisine and, not to forget, the wonderful nightlife in Thailand that attracts scores of night owls.

Climate And Culture

Thailand is generally warm throughout the year – the climate is tropical and temperatures range anywhere between 25° to 34°C. November to March is the dry season and is the best to visit Thailand. The rainy season is warm and falls around the middle of May and stays on till September.

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Thailand’s culture is a blend of Indian, Chinese, Cambodian and Southeast Asian cultures. Indian culture has the strongest influence on Thai culture. Thai people ‘wai’ each other – the traditional greeting. The younger shall greet first and the elder is to respond afterwards. Wai is also influenced by position in the society.

Thailand is almost entirely Theravada Buddhist with Muslims and Christians being minorities. Beliefs regarding natural and ancestral spirits are common in the Thai, and many people will have what are called spirit houses – miniature houses that are supposedly for the living of household spirits.

Exploration And Adventure

Thailand is an explorer’s paradise. Look no further than northern Thailand for unexplored corners and treasures. The mountainous landscapes of north Thailand are the best for diehard explorers. Fantasized lakeside living, anytime?

Thailand is your place – the city of Phayao with its streets lined with trees and wooden houses amidst a beautiful lakeside – there is nothing that gives you an adrenaline rush and a cool calm at the same time as staying here in the city of Phayao, Thailand. Enjoy some of the best sunsets Thailand has to offer, here.

The Andaman Coast is where the longest beaches in Thailand are – it is where your senses are treated to some of the most beautiful of sights nature has to offer. You will forget about women, for once. The beautiful blue waters, the soft sand, ample opportunities for snorkeling and scuba diving.

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Nightlife In Thailand

Days can get pretty busy in Thailand with what it has to offer in terms of exploration and activities to do. What about when the sun sets? What is nightlife in Thailand like? Thailand has a pretty good reputation for nightlife, considering the fact that all night owl joints such as pubs, discotheques, and clubs are to supposedly close by a maximum 2am by law.

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Nightlife in Thailand is extremely enjoyable and is safe and relaxed. It is closer home to the idea of enjoying your night outside – you don’t need to dress up for the ‘occasion’ of nightlife as usually happens elsewhere, and you won’t empty your wallet by the morning either.

You can find pubs and bars sprinkled all over Thailand, and most good hotels will have nightclubs and discotheques where entry will be cheap and entertainment very good. Some even arrange live music for their guests. Patpong, Soi Cowboy, Silom Soi 2 and Silom Soi 4 are pretty good areas to hang out while in Bangkok.

Phuket is a different scene altogetherPatong Beach is the island’s top nightlife hangout zone and for good reason –there are beer bars, pubs, discos, liver music clubs, even transvestite cabarets and also restaurant lounges! People rarely visit a place for its nightlife scene, but nightlife in Thailand is classy enough, raunchy enough, and loud enough to blow the living daylights out of you – this is one experience you have to have.

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