Enjoy The Exciting Nightlife Of Singapore At Singapore Nightclubs

After the sun goes down, Singapore gets transformed from a proficient business hub to a hotspot with buzzing nightlife and vibrant nightclubs and bars. The hotshot executives kick back and relax with the pleasing sounds of jazz music at Harry’s Bar whereas the students let their hair down through bar-hopping in the renowned Mohammad Sultan Road. Clubbing and pubbing are indispensible parts of nightlife in Singapore; if you don’t see it, you haven’t really seen Singapore.

Singapore houses some of the best night clubs found anywhere in the world. Many of them host live musical performances by various popular bands. You can easily find a place that plays ‘your kind’ of music and where you can dance your heart out. Let us take a look at some of the best nightclubs in Singapore where you can find a truly electrifying environment.

Best Nightclubs In Singapore

Nitestand Comedy Club & Bar

Best Nightclubs In Singapore

The Nitestand Comedy Club & Bar is an important attraction in the Clark Quay area in Singapore. This area is the most popular hub for a vivacious nightlife as it houses a large number of bars and nightclubs. It is extremely renowned as a large number of international entertainers perform here.

Famous bands such as Six in the city and VJ the DJ perform regularly at this club. It also offers great dining options close to the sparkling river. The ambience is extremely cheerful and happy.

Butter Factory Nightclub

Best Nightclubs In Singapore

The Butter Factory nightclub is a true example of imagination turned into reality. This Singapore nightclub breaks all grounds as an innovative and bold club that features a groovy mix of street arm, urban hip hop music and different variations of culture from around the globe. Located on Robertson Quay, it promises nothing but full-on continuous fun.

Cocco Latte Nightclub

Situated on Mohammad Sultan Road near Gallery Hotel, the Cocco Latte Nightclub is built across two floors and comprises of a DJ center and a chic lounge. This nightclub aims to create an unusual experience that is not found in any other bar or pub. This nightclub offers a colorful interior which gives it a soothing and lively appearance.

Best Nightclubs In Singapore

The uniqueness is not just restricted to ambience, but also to beverages and foods. The seafood dishes offered here are extremely popular amongst tourists. Besides this, this nightclub also offers an exquisite collection of wine as well as other non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages.

Ministry Of Sound Nightclub

Spread across an expansive area of 40 thousand square feet, Ministry of Sound nightclub is a craze amongst youngsters who love to party till wee hours in the morning. This club is divided into a number of different rooms and each room caters to a different genre of music and a different category of visitors.

Best Nightclubs In Singapore

It also has a special room called Tattinger Sky Lounge which caters to VIPs. The spectacular sound system as well as the outstanding special effects will surely leave you completely mesmerized. Your clubbing habits will surely gain a new dimension when you visit Ministry of Sound nightclub.

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