6 Effective Ways To Lose Arm Fat

6 Effective Ways To Lose Arm FatArm fat is a problem faced by many people and ruins the appearance. Apart form this having extra arm flab can pose a serious threat to your health by causing heart disease.

It can also result in heart failure, anxiety, stroke and many sleep related disorders. A combination of weight training and cardio is excellent in reducing arm fat.

This is because, cardiovascular exercise helps in shedding the fat deposited in the body whereas weight training helps to build muscle mass which gives your arms a lean appearance. Listed below are some training and diet tips which will help you to lose the excess flab from your arms.


Concentration Curl

The concentration curl is an isolation exercise that is used to target the bicep muscle which is the muscle present in front of your arm. This exercise won’t help you in losing the weight directly from the arm; it helps to build muscle mass giving your arms a leaner appearance.

Concentration curlTo perform the concentration curl, sit down erect on an exercise bench with your knees at right angles to the ground. Place your elbow between your legs, holding the weight with your palms facing upwards. Slowly curl the weight upward and flex your muscle as you reach the top.

It is important that you do not move your body when performing the exercise in order to get the feel of the movement. Perform this exercise for high reps of 20-25 for 2 sets.

Triceps Kickback

Triceps Kickback is an isolation exercise that targets the triceps muscle, which is located at back of your upper arm. To perform this exercise, hold a dumbbell placing your arm and knee of your other side on the bench. Keep your arm in line with your back with your elbow bent at 90 degrees and slowly extend your arm till it is straight.

Triceps KickbackAt the top of movement, stop for a moment and let down slowly to the starting position. You can perform this exercise for 20 reps of 2 sets.

Wide Push Up

The wider form of the push up is excellent for reducing arm flab, as it targets the triceps, shoulders and chest muscles. When performing this exercise, it is better to use an exercise mat which would reduce a little pressure off your hands.

Wide Push UpTo perform this exercise, start in the push up position with your hands 12 inches apart from your shoulders. Slowly lower yourself till your elbows are at 90 degree angles. Get back to the starting position and perform this movement for around 15 reps of 2 sets.


Pull-ups commonly known as chin-ups are an excellent way to lose arm fat and boost upper body strength. It helps to target the back, biceps and the shoulders. It is performed by screwing a bar on to the door firmly. Hold the bar firmly and slowly pull yourself upwards till your chin touches the bar.

Pull-upsAfter that, lower yourself slowly back to the starting position. If you are a beginner, performing this exercise can almost be an impossible task. Therefore, you can keep a chair below your knees and slowly raise yourself from that position.

Cardiovascular Exercise

Weight training will help to build the muscle mass beneath the fat, but cardiovascular exercise would cause your to burn calories off your body. It is also effective in boosting your metabolism which in turn will help you burn more fat even while resting.

It is recommended that you begin with moderate cardiovascular activity such as walking or brisk walking for 30 minutes for 4 or 5 times a week.

Cardiovascular ExerciseAs you progress, you can perform intense cardio activities such as running, jogging for 20 minutes around 3 times a week. When selecting cardio exercises, it is important to choose those ones which keep your heart rate high for the time you are performing the exercise.

Playing your favourite sports such as football, hockey and tennis are great ways to burn a lot of calories as well as enjoying yourself.


Diet plays an important role in losing arm fat . Reduce the caloric intake which will help you to lose weight from all the parts of your body including your arms. To do this, make a record of the foods you eat at every meal throughout the day. Reducing 500 calories off your diet is a good way to reduce fat .

This alone would help you to burn 1 pound a week which translates to 52 pounds a year. By performing weight training and cardio, in addition to a calorie deficit diet, you should be burning 1000 calories helping you to shed around 2 pounds a week.

Reduce the caloricYou must eat healthy food rich in fibre. Include fruits and vegetables at every meal as they are rich sources of fibre which will help to fill you up and provide your body with the essential vitamins and minerals .

Avoid canned foods, soft drinks, foods with refined sugar and ready to eat meals. Include all kinds of nuts in your diet, preferably as a light snack which contains essential fatty acids which aid in weight loss. Another great source of essential fatty acids are seafood such as salmon, tuna and trout.

It is also important to cook the food in a healthy way using less oil or butter and replace it with olive oil which is helpful in reducing cholesterol because of the presence of essential fatty acids.

lean beef, legumes, wheyDo not reduce your caloric intake below 1200 calories as the body turns in to the starvation mode where it actually burns muscle and stores fat. It is also important to consume a good amount of protein. Your daily requirement of protein when training with weights is around 1 to 1.5 grams per pound of body weight.

Protein must come from low fat sources such as lean beef, legumes, whey, skim milk, chicken and egg whites. Protein is also known to burn fat as it contain an amino acid called leucine which boosts your metabolism thereby helping you to loose weight.

Incorporating these exercises and dietary changes in your diet would help you in achieving that lean look in your arms.

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